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Green Horizon was launched in 2003 to provide extensive coverage of the global political movements for ecological responsibility and expanded democracy. We publish under the auspices of the Green Horizon Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Maine.

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The Ten Key Values of the Greens

Ecological Wisdom
Personal and Social Responsibility
Grassroots Democracy
Community-based Economics
Respect for Diversity
Gender Equality
Global Responsibility
Sustainability / Thinking to the Seventh Generation

We salute our readers and writers, many of whom are active in the crucial work of “greening” our society. We thank them for their courage, commitment, talent, and for the vision that started them on the pathway of Green leadership. We encourage them to share their stories, discuss their projects, and relate their accomplishments through Green Horizon Magazine or via this web site.

We believe that each person has within her or himself the spark of self-agency – each one is capable of taking a lead at some point and in some way. One important hallmark of great leadership is the will and the ability of a leader to enable others to be leaders – to grow leadership! By fully sharing our hopes, doubts, fears, triumphs, and convictions we can deepen, expand, and develop the understanding and quality of Green leadership.

Unlike Green Pages, for example (which is an organ of the Green Party), we are an independent journal. We’re published under the auspices of the Green Horizon Foundation, an entity to which tax deductible donations can be made under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Our editorial positions are non-partisan, but we are concerned that the electoral system in the United States, which is dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties, is not open and not fully democratic. The two major parties are similar in their most fundamental policies and they work together to deny access to other voices, other parties, across the spectrum of political ideas, programs, policies, and platforms. We believe that “more voices in the system and more choices on the ballot” would benefit the American electorate.

Green Horizon Volunteer Staff

EDITORS: Steve Welzer [John Rensenbrink: 2003-2022]

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Green Horizon Board Members

Ted Becker, Alabama
Denise Brush, New Jersey
Linda Cree, Michigan
Greg Gerritt, Rhode Island
Madelyn Hoffman, Colombia
Darryl! Moch, Washington, DC
Liz Rensenbrink, Maine
Sam Smith, Maine
Steve Welzer, New Jersey

Green Horizon Magazine is indexed in the Alternative Press Index, which is available from: Alternative Press Center, PO Box 33109, Baltimore, MD 21218

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