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We hope you’re finding the Green Horizon web site interesting! On this page we want to encourage you to sign up to receive the magazine in the mail and to make a contribution toward furthering our work.

Hopefully you’re someone who recognizes the importance of the global movements for Green politics and the greening of society. Green Horizon has been playing an expanding role in relation to those movements. The circulation and influence of the magazine has been growing steadily year-by-year and our book publishing imprint has introduced two important new offerings (Charlene Spretnak’s “Relational Reality” and Ellen LaConte’s “Life Rules,” both available through and Backed by a support circle of committed financial Sustainers, high-caliber writers, and engaged readers, Green Horizon is aiming to become a leading Green media center internationally.

We see all around us that “green is growing” — green enterprise, green building, green energy, etc. Green media needs to grow, too, in order to cover it all and to become a catalyst for the kind of social change so many of us desire. Our magazine is a pioneer in that respect.

You can easily make a one-time contribution via Paypal through the Donate button on the right side of this page. Beyond that, we hope you’ll consider joining our community of financial Sustainers. Some contribute $20/year, some $50/year, some even more. We depend upon our Sustainers to keep the Green Horizon project moving forward. And we show our appreciation by listing their names on the inside back cover page of each issue of the magazine.

If you’d rather write a check, please make it out to: “Green Horizon Foundation” and mail to the address below. In either case, your contribution is tax deductible.

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